Why Dating App Users Are More At Risk At Christmas

While there are many elements of Christmas that bring out the best in people, we all know that it can be an emotionally charged time.  At Matchmakers, we place the safety and well-being of our clients at the top of our agenda.  However,  when single men and women are trying to find love alone, basic safe-guarding can get lost in the thrill of meeting an attractive stranger.The pressure to feel loved and wanted reaches a peak over Christmas and New Year.  Team this with an increased number of party invites and accelerated alcohol consumption.  Dating app users are far more likely to take risks during the festive period than any other.  And, with the secrecy that often veils online hook-ups, it's no surprise that single people are more vulnerable than ever at this time of year.Many of us watched the tragic story of Grace Millane play out, recently.  Intelligent and accomplished, 22 year old Grace had failed to contact her parents on her birthday.  Keen to see the world, she was on a year long expedition, alone. Her tearful father described Grace as a "Lovely, outgoing, fun-loving, family-orientated daughter."Grace was last seen alive at the City Life Hotel in Auckland.  It seems that choosing to spend time alone with a stranger resulted in Grace losing her life that same night.  Chillingly,  her suspected killer had left a comment under her Facebook profile picture less than a hour before she was last seen alive.  His words were simple, flattering - "Beautiful.  Very radiant."  Just the kind of words that can offer a false sense of security in an online world.The 'Dating Safely Guidelines' offer common sense advice that saves lives.  To download your free copy, ensuring that you stay safe in your search for love, click here : http://www.datingagencyassociation.org.uk/dating-safely-campaign/