Catfishing in the news

Catfishing in the news and media, has been a topic widely covered over recent weeks, with Labour MP for Stockport, Ann Coffey, utilising an adjournment debate in the U.K. parliament during July to debate this issue, which has become an increasing concern to many people in this country and globally. With online dating fraud appearing to be on the increase constantly, with more than £100 million quoted as the amount defrauded in the last year (these figures include Facebook and other social media sites as well as online dating sites and apps), a figure that must be of extreme concern to many. With fake and fraudulent profiles said by the BBC's Panorama to be running at more than 1 million in the U.K. alone, it is easy to see that the problem of fraud now needs to be tackled. So Ann Coffey's initiative deserves to be praised , however the legal view is that it would be unlikely to change the law in the near future, as this type of cyber crime was debated in the House of Lords, the result of which was that extra legislation wasn't necessary. The emphasis therefore remains with the individual dating companies and here at Matchmakers we are confident that we do absolutely everything that we can to ensure that our profiles are 100% genuine and very accurate too. Our technology is new and has been designed in-house to our own specifications by our Development team, we also utilise one of the most comprehensive authentication and verification systems available globally to verify our members as genuine and that they are exactly who they say they are. And all at a price that is extremely competitive, as well as being inline with the prices charged for online dating, so great value for money. We believe therefore if we can do it, our competitors could and should be doing the same to eradicate fraudulent practices. Want to know more? Well our Senior Membership Adviser, Tracey Cater, is fully available to talk through how our services work and how Matchmakers could help identify thar wonderful new partner for you. Please ring and speak to Tracey on 0800 644 4130 and lets help make Catfishing a thing of the past.