Is A Professional Dating Agency Right For You?

  In recent years, more and more young professionals have been seeking out professional dating agency services as a way to meet potential romantic partners. In a society which has increasingly less time for face-to-face social interaction and risk-taking, most of the busiest singles the world over choose to resort to a professional dating agency in a bid to fill in the gaps in the meeting and introduction process which they, for professional, social or personality reasons, cannot or will not. As a result, agencies such as Matchmakers Dating have seen a definite surge in demand and activity in recent years. After a long period in which they were supplanted, in young people’s estimation, by online dating sites, introductions agencies are currently experiencing a second wind, bolstered in large part by many of the aforementioned dating sites having proven untrustworthy. The fact that many of the singles who use these types of agencies walk out thoroughly satisfied, and often matched with the perfect person for them, further helps cement the reputation of professional dating agency services as a valid alternative for remote introductions. Still, even with the level of popularity dating agencies enjoy nowadays, many people still remain uncertain of whether they would benefit from these types of services. Despite the current, mostly digital status quo, many still feel remote introductions are undesirable or undignified, while others are nervous about mediated face-to-face interactions or the pace at which the process is carried out. All in all, many people shy away from hiring professional dating agency services because they are unsure that they are right for them. With that in mind, we at Matchmakers, being experts in personal introductions and matching up like-minded men and women, have taken it upon ourselves to attempt to address those doubts, so that our prospective clients may have some peace of mind when first thinking of contacting us with their enquiry. It is in that spirit that the lines below will address a number of common factors which tend to determine success in remote dating situations, in order to answer the age-old question: is a professional dating agency right for you?


When trying to ascertain whether or not a professional dating agency would be suited for them, the first thing prospective customers need to assess are their goals when looking for a relationship. Different people have different expectations and desires when it comes to finding a partner, and it just might happen that a particular customer’s needs may not be met by a professional dating agency such as Matchmakers Dating. Typically, singles professionals seeking out professional dating agency services are looking for a more long-term, serious type of commitment, rather than something more casual or short-lived. This is evidenced by the fact that most customers of these types of agencies are more than willing to sit down with the matchmakers and go through an in-depth chat about their personality and interests, for the purposes of building a profile. In fact, this step of the process is required if a customer is to be accepted into an agency’s portfolio, proving this type of service is about far more than particularly flattering photographs or superficial interests. As such, those looking for a less meaningful and more casual type of relationship might not have the right type of outlook to really benefit from the services of a professional dating agency.


Lifestyle is another important aspect to consider when trying to answer the question: is a professional dating agency right for you? This is because many of these types of services actually cater to a specific type of demographic, potentially causing those outside this target group to feel excluded or out of place when first making an enquiry. As a general rule, professional dating agency services are aimed at young professionals, usually between 25 and 45 years old, and most tend to aim for high-income or at least successful career-people. Similarly, professional dating agency customers tend to have high standards and requirements as to what they wish their prospective partner to be like, from the standpoint of personality, ambitions, goals and career, justifying the need for in-depth questionnaires and exclusionary selection processes ahead of each client being accepted. Other times, introductions agencies skew even more niche, and aim at a specific age group, race or religion, making the aspect of lifestyle even more important. Therefore, prospective customers may want to make sure they fit the right profile for the professional dating agency they are scouting ahead of making first contact.


Finally, the personality of the prospective customer themselves plays an important part when attempting to determine whether or not a professional dating agency would be a good fit for their particular needs with regards to finding a partner. As stated above, these types of services are neither as immediate nor as shallow as dating websites or apps such as Tinder, and many personal introductions agencies tend to be rather exclusive when it comes to accepting new members. Most matchmaking companies are not necessarily after just profit, and as also noted above, like to keep a certain standard as far as who they take in as a client. This, in turn, makes it doubly important for prospective users of these services to ensure they have the right personal profile to avoid disappointment. Generally speaking, a professional dating agency client should be someone not afraid to take risks and try new, unconventional things, but also willing to take their time when finding a partner, in order to ensure the right match. Ideally, they should also be successful professionals, potentially high-income, with a view to finding a meaningful relationship based on something more than looks. Those who do not fit the above profile, while not outright unsuited for professional dating agency services, might find results from this method to be less satisfactory than for their better-suited peers, making this option less worthwhile than it might have been had they had a different personality type. In short, then, there are a number of factors to consider when attempting to answer the question: is a professional dating agency right for you? We at Matchmakers Dating hope the article above has gone some way towards elucidating our existing and prospective customers, and setting their minds at ease about the level of efficiency they might expect when using our services.