Can a Professional Dating Agency Be a Social Agent?

Recent years have seen more and more people seek out the services of a professional dating agency or personal introductions service. These are mainly young, affluent professionals, either disillusioned with online and app-based dating or too demanding to settle for the choices provided by those resources – often both. The more personalised and in-depth approach a professional dating agency offers is therefore more attractive to these kinds of daters, and they end up making up the bulk of the clientele for this type of service as a result. Every now and again, however, dating agencies can be far more than simply means for demanding, successful singles to meet partners of the same calibre. On occasion, a professional dating agency goes above and beyond its stated role, and takes on an ancillary role as something of a social agent. In recent months, for example, a number of professional dating agency services have been opened with the specific intent of catering to people with disabilities. Whether it be a mother opening a professional dating agency for her autistic son and other autistic singles to find happiness, or services aimed at people with other types of physical or psychological limitations, reports of dating agencies targeting this type of niche demographic are becoming more frequent with each passing day.


"Can a professional dating agency also be a social agent?"

This brings about an interesting question: can a professional dating agency also be a social agent? Could these currently isolated instances pave the way for other socially-conscious dating services to arise in upcoming years, targeting demographics such as the homeless or those with severe health conditions? The effects love or companionship can have on the mental and physical well-being of individuals is well-documented, so could these services potentially be used as a way to improve the standard of life for these demographics? Either way, that path is now open, and it would not at all be surprising to see more socially-minded professional dating agency services appear in the wake of these