What do you look for in a professional dating agency?

What do you look for in a professional dating agencyThere is no denying just how popular the humble professional dating agency is right now. So much so, that you could say that the industry is seeing something of a resurgence off late. Are you considering dating once again? If so, what do you look for in a professional dating agency?With so many people growing disillusioned with some of the current dating options available, for example, the many unreliable dating sites which the internet finds itself awash with these days, to the countless ‘swipe’ apps, which appeal to vanity rather than happiness - personal introduction agencies have become extremely popular. These reliable agencies appeal to everyone from single professionals, to those in the 25 to 40-year-old age brackets, and even seniors alike, it seems that when a professional dating agency is involved there is no substitute.So are you the type of person who considers themselves to be looking for the real deal? You are? Well then, here are just some of the values that we here at Matchmakers adopt.

“When a professional dating agency is involved there is no substitute”

  • A good agency is one that adopts thoroughness - A dependable agency always gets to know their clients. This way they can deliver a match that is 100% compatible. When a new client joins us, we arrange a meeting with them at a time and place which is suitable for them and build a detailed profile, which we will then use to find a suitable match.
  • Confidentiality is always key - An agency which deals with personal introductions, such ourselves, will not publish your dating profile online, choosing to keep all of your details closely guarded.
  • Your dating agency works for you, so approachability is an important consideration - As always for a good agency needs to be approachable. This is something which we pride ourselves on.
At Matchmakers, we always strive to meet all of these important attributes. We consider ourselves to be a serious, trustworthy dating agency. Further reading on the points raised above can also be found on one of our previous articles ‘Desirable Qualities in a Professional Dating Agency’ which can be found here. When it comes to love, have you been looking for the real deal? Make sure that you speak to us today.