A Professional Dating Agency Is Better Than Speed Dating

What Makes a Professional Dating Agency Better Than a Speed Dating ServiceWith the lives of career-minded professionals becoming busier and busier, many singles struggle to find a meaningful relationship or even meet new people. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that alternative ways of meeting a partner have achieved the prominence they have among professional-aged men and women across western society.Of these, the most rapidly expanding are professional dating agency services and speed dating. The former has attracted the attention of professional singles by eliminating all of the uncertainty and potential danger of signing up for a dating site, and instead offering a trustworthy, mediated face-to-face meet-up system; the latter, on the other hand, is popular among more adventurous singles for its novelty factor.However, while it definitely has its merits, this type of service nonetheless falls short when compared to the services of a professional dating agency. The lines below list a few reasons why this is the case.

More Time

Time constraints are the entire ‘selling point’ of speed dating, but these can be a hindrance rather than a boon. Why should singles have only a few minutes to get to know one another, when they can do it at leisure and privately through a professional dating agency?

Better Chances

Similarly, speed dating is akin to online dating in that it represents a gamble for all involved. Relationships do sprout from speed dating sessions, but a participant may just as easily walk out as alone as they came in. A professional dating agency reduces the chance factor by thoroughly assessing singles prior to matching them.

Better Results

As a result of the two aforementioned factors, agency services also tend to yield more certain results than speed-dating services. Singles signing up for a professional dating agency such as Matchmakers, therefore, have a far better chance of success than those who choose the alternative.From the factors above, it becomes clear that, while speed dating has its merits, hiring the services of a professional dating agency is a far preferable option when it comes to finding a partner.