Love: Be Proactive And You'll Find It

Why Leave Love To Chance?

As personal matchmakers, we know that the desire to be loved is a universal, human trait. We also know that for those who have been disappointed or hurt in the past, this can be hard to admit. Many single men and women spend years suppressing a longing for a wonderful life-partner. One of the first things new clients say to us is that they feel they've wasted so much time, either looking for love in the wrong places, or not looking at all. Our job is so exciting because we're able to change that. And for many clients, we're able to change their lives completely.

Does Personal Matchmaking Work?

The answer for many of our clients is 'Yes!'. Obviously, we can't control whether two, well-matched people will feel the right combination of chemistry and compatibility in person. However, we can ensure that all of our clients are taking a pro-active approach to love. As a result, we receive the most heart-warming feedback from many of our matched couples, who keep us up-to-date with their real-life love stories. Meet one of our real-life couples, Francesca and Albert... Francesca says - "So much has happened in the last few months. Meeting Albert has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. He is so loving, caring and perfect for me. We had a lovely Christmas together with my relatives and then we went to Spain to have a Spanish Christmas. I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Albert. I’ve never been so happy!" Writing the first lines of love stories like Francesca and Albert's is what we do at Matchmakers. We'd love to help you begin your new journey.