The Dating Marketplace

The Dating Marketplace

The world of dating has changed significantly in recent years.


As little as 10 years ago just 2.5 million people in the UK were using ‘organised dating’, which at the time was usually a traditional dating agency. Today, around 16 million use some form of dating ‘tool’.


Online Dating first arrived in the UK in the mid 1990’s. Since then, millions of people have tried it… some have found love and romance online, but many have only found heartbreak or worse. Online dating is certainly not the right choice for everyone!


There has been a major decline in the popularity of online dating, following exposure in the Financial Times, the BBC’s Panorama programme, and more recently, BBC’s Crimewatch. Miss-selling; fake profiles running into millions; highly personal and confidential client data and photographs being bought and sold between companies without the clients knowledge or permission; online fraud running at record levels of over £30 million per annum (£100 million if you include social media sites too); and the fact that no background checks whatsoever are required for online dating memberships in the UK, have all contributed to growing distrust and fear.


If online dating is not for you, and you’re looking for a safer, more confidential, sophisticated and professional approach to meeting potential new partners, then Matchmakers Dating could be the perfect option for you. All our members are identity checked and interviewed by our experienced team. We only work with professional single people, aged between 25 and 49 who are looking for genuine, long-term relationships.

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