Respondent Membership

Joining Matchmakers For Free

At Matchmakers we are a well established and very genuine company that has operated successfully since 2006 but we understand that you may have never tried a personal matchmaking company before and your only involvement in dating may have been an online site or dating app.

So we wanted to position that on occasions our fee paying members are seeking someone quite specific, for instance someone who is under a 12 dress size, a redhead or a blonde if female, or someone over 5ft 10 tall or with a beard if it’s a male for instance. Sometimes they may also be seeking someone from a particular ethnic group.

So on these occasions we recruit attractive respondent members who do not have to pay a membership fee but increase our quality matching stock and options for paying members. 

How To Join Matchmakers For Free

If you would like to take up this offer of a complimentary respondent membership of Matchmakers, we would like to know a little bit about you and also see a range of photographs – that is the minimum standard we have to consider people for this type of membership. We cannot provide telephone support for free memberships, as we need IT competent people who know their way around a computer and are able to use email and perform basic tasks. So please click here to begin the process of providing us with some basic details and your photographs – we usually get back to you within 72 working hours if you qualify. At that stage we would need you to provide some photographic ID and would arrange to interview you.

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How It Works

It’s important to point out that we are not actually working on behalf of these members, so we wouldn’t be promising a certain number of matches, or providing dating coaching support or daily access to a matchmaker but if they are a very good match for a potential client then we are happy to provide complimentary matches without any sort of joining fee whatsoever, if we are able. So you don’t have anything to lose but possibly much to gain!

A Very Genuine Offer And No Catches

It’s a very genuine offer and there are no catches whatsoever we promise. If you are accepted as a member for free, we will personally interview you, we will create a professional profile for you and include you in our exclusive database of upmarket clients. These are  usually people from a professional background or aspiring professionals, all of whom have been carefully screened, vetted and verified by us. The downside is there is never any sort of guarantee of getting a match as understandably our priority would always remain with our fee paying clients but you may do and you never know you may well find the love of your life – one of our respondents recently got married for instance. All at no cost whatsoever – so a very genuine and straightforward offer. 

Target Areas

Currently we are urgently seeking attractive men aged 30-49 in around the UK but especially in less populated areas such as Scotland, Yorkshire, Wales, Cornwall and Norfolk. We are also seeking attractive ladies aged 25-49 in Yorkshire, Wales. and Cornwall. If you are outside of these areas we would still be happy to consider you, as we are looking for attractive, professionals for all areas.

Our Guarantee

At Matchmakers we  absolutely commit to keep your personal details and data confidential and that never will it be used on a public website. If we think you are a suitable match for one of our full fee paying members, then we will share your details with them on a confidential basis to see if they would like to proceed. If they do then we will contact you with their profile to see if you like them too. This is always on a complimentary basis and no fee is involved whatsoever. 

Join Free Today - As A Respondent Member

Join Matchmakers Dating for free today as a respondent member! On occasions we need to look outside of our own exclusive database of people for someone quite specific and for this purpose we recruit respondent members. If you become a respondent we do not actively search for matches for you, but  if we can use you as a match for a full fee paying member we will do. We also guarantee to keep your profile and photographs absolutely private - never, ever will they appear on any sort of public website and would only ever be shared with hand picked, top quality potential matches, all of whom are personally interviewed and carefully vetted fee paying members.