Alex Rollinson - Membership Adviser

Meet Alexandra Rollisson

Meet Alexandra Rollisson – Our Headhunting Coordinator here at Matchmakers Dating. We recently caught up with Alexandra and asked her to tell our clients and potential clients a bit about herself:


Says Alexandra; “I have recently been appointed as the Headhunting Cordinator here at Matchmakers Dating and I wanted to tell you a bit about myself. I am in my mid twenties. I have always had a great interest in human relationships, so becoming a Personal Matchmaker was my dream role initially as I adore helping bring people together.


Working as a Personal Matchmaker was a great 2 years, that I enjoyed immensely. It has been very successful too and I have one of the highest success rates within the dating industry in terms of introductions.

Bringing Matchmaking To A Younger Audience

Recently I have been promoted to the role of Headhunting Coordinator, which may raise eyebrows at a relatively young age.

However Matchmakers is all about the younger end of the personal introductions market place and specialises in clients aged between 25 and 49, so it is entirely appropriate that our clients are looked after by myself and the wider team. And I’m proud to do that and of the Matchmakers brand and how we are bringing Personal Matchmaking to a younger audience – something pretty unique within our industry.

I like to think that we are changing the face of Personal Matchmaking in the UK, making it available to a new, younger, vibrant group, for whom confidentiality is everything and who have already worked out that the risks associated with online dating or dating apps are simply not for them. I’d say our clients are predominantly younger professionals, usually still climbing the career ladder and with aspirations to be the best that they can be. Looking for a partner commensurate with those ambitions is what Matchmakers is all about.

The Highest Standards

At Matchmakers we have always set the highest of standards of care for clients. With personal contact and feedback at least once a month and often much more frequently. We use one of the most sophisticated matching systems in the world of personal introductions. Created by our own in house experts. Which in turn helps us to search for the very best possible matches for you within our client-base. And sometimes outside it, through our Headhunting Team, which I now lead. After all that’s what we want to achieve – the very best in terms of potential new partners for you.

We are always happy to meet potential clients at our Head Office in Alcester, Warwickshire. To answer questions and take you through our membership options.  Why not call me to arrange a coffee and a chat at our expense on 0800 644 4130. You are able to reach us via telephone normally between 9am. to 9pm. each day.  Myself, or one of our Membership Advisers, will be happy to arrange to meet with you completely free of charge and without obligation. If you’d like to complete our contact form by clicking here ,we will get back to you within 24 working hours.”


We would love to hear from you.

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Join Matchmakers Dating for free today as a respondent member! On occasions we need to look outside of our own exclusive database of people for someone quite specific and for this purpose we recruit respondent members. If you become a respondent we do not actively search for matches for you, but  if we can use you as a match for a full fee paying member we will do. We also guarantee to keep your profile and photographs absolutely private - never, ever will they appear on any sort of public website and would only ever be shared with hand picked, top quality potential matches, all of whom are personally interviewed and carefully vetted fee paying members.