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At Matchmakers Dating we have been providing high quality dating agency services to the people of Yorkshire and Humber for many years – since our formation in 2005. It’s a unique service as we are aiming it at the younger end of the age spectrum – those aged 25-49, which is pretty much unheard of in the industry as most companies concentrate on the older age groups who often have more disposable income. 

Most of our clients come to us having tried online dating and around 95% of our conversations start with “I have tried online dating but its not for me………” for one of many reasons, but often because of the huge public exposure/lack of confidentiality and also the fact that online dating related crime is one of the fastest growing crime categories in the UK according to the National Crime Agency and these are often serious crimes such as murder, rape, blackmail, extortion and money fraud, which make many people genuinely frightened of getting involved online or on dating apps and who can blame them? 

With Matchmakers we personally interview every client, we vet them very carefully, we insist on photographic ID and evidence of their residency and then utilise one of the most comprehensive authentication and verification systems in the UK to double check and keep our standards very high.  

Below are the counties that we cover within Yorkshire and Humber:

Services for ages 25-49

Dating Agency & Personal Introductions Yorkshire

Areas covered in the Yorkshire Region are as follows, click on any of the links to find out more:

North Yorkshire

Learn more about our dating agency & personal introductions services.

East Yorkshire

Learn more about our dating agency & personal introductions services.

South Yorkshire

Learn more about our dating agency & personal introductions services.

West Yorkshire

Learn more about our dating agency & personal introductions services.

We have access to the largest privately owned database of personal introductions clients in the UK, more than 200,000 altogether and so are extremely confident that your Mr or Ms Right will be amongst them.

Our initial consultation is always free of charge too, so why not contact us on our free phone  number 0800 644 6130 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or if you’re already sure that this is the service for you then click here to join now and we’ll begin searching for you immediately.

Dating Agency & Personal Introductions Yorkshire

If you are looking to meet someone who is from a professional background or is an aspiring professional then Matchmakers could be just the agency for you. All of our clients are known to our Matchmaking team and we have one of the cleanest databases in the country – all of which we have carefully checked out and know to be genuine.

Personal Matchmaking is we are told the ‘best kept secret in the industry’ and the most credible and viable alternative to online dating in the UK. It is not new however and the first dating agency, known as a ‘matrimonial bureau’ in those days, opened its doors in London more than 300 years ago in 1705. In more recent times names like Dateline, Avenues (our sister agency), Searchmate, Drawing Down the Moon (in London) and The County Register have kept the personal matchmaking flag flying high and in recent times, due to the public's disaffection with meeting people online our market place has exploded with new people seeking to work with a personal matchmaker. As a consequence our annual turnover has risen hugely in the last decade and our database has expanded accordingly, with huge numbers joining us – those people for whom online dating has not worked.

If you’re one of those in that category or you are just seeking a safer, more measured, more confidential type of service, then Matchmakers are here to assist and we would be confident of providing you with a quality service that leads to you finding someone very special. We’d love to hear from you therefore.     

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If you are convinced that personal matchmaking could be the way forward for you or even if you’d like to talk to us in greater depth then we’d be happy to hear from you and one of our Membership Advisers or Matchmakers would talk you through how things work in much greater depth than you could glean from a website. They would also be happy to give you a totally honest appraisal of whether or not we can help you.   

If you would you like to know more therefore, please phone us on 0800 644 4130 or complete our contact form on this page and one of our Membership Advisers or Matchmakers will get back to you within 48 working hours. We’d love to hear from you

Matchmakers Dating
A Recommended Dating Agency In Yorkshire

We are a very well established dating and introductions agency, having been around since 2005 and now have access to one of the largest data bases of clients across the UK. We’d like to think we have a modern outlook and feel we are perhaps a little racier than some of the very traditional agencies. However to give you peace of mind, if anything goes wrong, we are recommended members of the Dating Agency Association. They are the only truly independent dating body in the country, who represent the interests of clients only and are happy to mediate on any issues that may arise from time to time.

Their website is 

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Join Matchmakers Dating for free today as a respondent member! On occasions we need to look outside of our own exclusive database of people for someone quite specific and for this purpose we recruit respondent members. If you become a respondent we do not actively search for matches for you, but  if we can use you as a match for a full fee paying member we will do. We also guarantee to keep your profile and photographs absolutely private - never, ever will they appear on any sort of public website and would only ever be shared with hand picked, top quality potential matches, all of whom are personally interviewed and carefully vetted fee paying members.