Personal Matchmaking: The Ultimate Dating Game Changer

In recent years, an increasing number of young, single people have become disillusioned with online dating. For those who are ready to get serious about an incredible relationship, Personal Matchmaking has become the ultimate dating game-changer. Here at Matchmakers, we are regularly asked to provide dating advice and/or a Personal Matchmaking service to celebrities, TV Production teams and TV and radio talk-shows. With shows like First Dates, The Millionaire Matchmaker, TOWIE and The Real Housewives of Cheshire using the expertise of Professional Matchmakers, Personal Matchmaking has never been more popular. For those who feel ready to explore the possibility of genuine long-term happiness with a new partner, the anonymity and throw-away nature of online dating has lost its appeal.The biggest difference between Personal Matchmaking and online dating is that irreplaceable human touch. Our Personal Matchmakers become emotionally invested in their clients – and it’s that magical connection that has made Personal Matchmaking so popular both in real life and on screen.

Our Personal Matchmakers provide a friendly voice waiting to calm first date nerves; impartial guidance and advice when needed. Instead of using electronic data, our team work relentlessly to personally uncover those unique and powerful details that intertwine two people together so beautifully. The Matchmakers team includes some of the best Personal Matchmakers in the business, professionals who exude warmth, emotional intelligence and a desire to learn about the very best qualities of each and every client. What may surprise you is how accessible Matchmakers is for clients who fit our criteria. We are always interested in talking to people aged between 25 – 49 who are ready to make finding an incredible, long-term relationship a priority. We expect our clients to want the very best for themselves, and for those with whom they share their lives. If this sounds like you, we’d love to share an informal chat to discuss how Matchmakers could become your ultimate dating game-changer.