Relationship Break Up's

  [caption id="attachment_1704" align="alignleft" width="442"]Relationship break up's Relationship break up's[/caption] Relationship break up's can be hard on both partners and no matter how hard you try there is not an easy way of softening the blow for both women and men. Waking up without your partner with you, coming home from work and eating alone, facing weekends on your own, being unable to plan trips out as you may not have anyone to go with, all have to be faced along with many other issues. They can all lead to anxiety and depression if we aren't careful, so please be aware of this and seek specialist help from your GP if necessary. It is important to understand that the break up is not your fault in most instances but just means that the two of you aren't compatible any longer, there is a groundswell of opinion that says in 2016 and beyond, because of the demands that we live with and the pace of life, that relationships are not designed or destined to last forever. So turn off those sad songs on the radio, put your positive head back on and certainly stop blaming yourself. Sometimes is there a silver lining (or even several), when you get your head around things. Here we look at just a few of them:  

Time is a healer

Time is a great healer and in a few short weeks, the emptiness and pain won't feel anything like as bad. Be certain of that as it always happens, so stop eating those comforting carbs, get yourself to the gym and back into shape, have a makeover if it helps you feel better. But now is the time to stop dwelling on the past.  

You are free now

You are free to do and see whatever you want - with no one to account to. You can choose the film at the cinema, or which theatre to visit, who to go with, where you sit and how much you pay.  

Its better be alone than in a relationship where love is not reciprocated

Being single is so much better than being in a one way relationship where you're in love but that love is not reciprocated and returned to you. If your partner loved you with conditions - they are not the partner for you.  

You can now consider moving on

In time you will want to move on and find someone else. Some people like to do that quickly, others prefer to take their time. We asked Ivana Franekova, Senior Membership Adviser, at Matchmakers Dating her opinion on this: Says Ivana "Everyone is different but at Matchmakers we believe that finding a new partner or even more than one can be part of the healing process. Being seen around with an attractive new companion can really be an ego boost and even if it takes a few attempts to find the 'one', don't worry just enjoy the process. We are at your service and can help."