Professional Dating Agency Helps TOWIE Star Find a Date

sunset coupleIn recent years, much has been made of professional dating agency services as a safer, more sure-fire alternative to online dating, and with good reason – as the success rate of agencies like Matchmakers continues to prove, this type of service actually does work!

However, as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words; and as another saying goes, no publicity is bad publicity. Which means the world of professional dating agency matchmaking will have profited immensely from an agency of this type being featured in popular reality television show, The Only Way Is Essex. The endorsement in question happened on the fifth episode of the programme’s current series, the eighteenth since its inception. In it, participant Nikki resorted to the services of professional dating agency Attractive Partners, one of the many brands of the group which also includes Matchmakers. Needless to say, the service proved effective, and thus millions of Brits were able to bear witness first-hand to the way the matchmaking process is carried out, and the results it yields! All in all, Attractive Partners’ participation in one of Britain’s most viewed and talked-about programmes cannot be considered anything else than a rousing success, and will have done wonders for the reputation of matchmaking agencies in the eyes of the general public! The main question remaining on the wake of this successful appearance on TOWIE, then, is: what could this additional exposure mean to companies providing professional dating agency services? It seems likely that this type of service will see an increase in demand as a result of having appeared on television, and with millions of new sets of eyes open to this new matchmaking service – including many singles – a short-term boom in demand is certainly to be expected. Hopefully, this short-term interest will then translate into an increase in demand for professional dating agency services in the long run. When that happens, Matchmakers will be here to help anyone interested in finding a partner through our agency!