Seven reasons why he'll make you his wife

 7 reasons he'll make you his wifeFor most men, all of a sudden - as if by magic - the possibility of a lifetime bond with an incredible partner suddenly seems far less petrifying than the prospect of still chasing kicks in Magaluf at 50.The reason for this moment of clarity? (And why he'll make you his wife.)He’s found a keeper. A woman he just can’t live without.Here are a few of the reasons why he’ll know he’s found the last girl he’ll ever need:1. He trusts her. Human bonds are so fragile, especially when two people are intimately involved. To feel secure in the knowledge that he’s met someone who he can’t imagine ever breaking his heart is a true gift from the Gods.2. He knows she believes in him. Most of us spend our lives in a state of mild paranoia and fear. To be with someone who makes him feel truly good enough gives him the confidence to be his very best self.3. The physical chemistry is mind-blowing. She oozes confidence in her own skin and is blissfully comfortable in his arms.4. He understands her goals and dreams. Wanting similar things from life can be a deal-breaker once a relationship becomes serious. Though ambitions may be vastly different, if a couple can understand the importance of - and support -each other’s passions, they have struck gold.5. She’s irreplaceable to him. Within great relationships, couples add a positive energy to each other’s lives that can’t be easily replicated. He knows that no one can bring all of this positivity to his life the way she can.6. He knows that no cheeky flirtation or one-night-stand is worth it. His woman is his everything and there’s no way he’s losing her.7. He thinks she looks as cute in pyjamas and novelty slippers as she does in a little black dress and heels. To him, she is at her most beautiful quite simply when she’s happy.

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