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Meet Our Membership Advisers

Would you like to see someone to who could talk you through our services where you are at your most comfortable, in your own home? If so we have a team of Membership Advisers around the UK, who can give you top quality advice on our products and what could be most suitable for you, by giving you the choice of coming to your home or you visiting our centrally located office. This is to answer any questions you may have, sign you up as a member, take you through our client interview so we can understand both you and the sort of potential partner you are looking for. Before creating a professional dating profile for you with quality photographs. We can then begin that extensive search for that soulmate you are so keen to find.

Gina Rowcliffe - Membership Adviser

Gina Rowcliffe

Gina joined Matchmakers Dating in early 2019, having enjoyed a successful career in entertainment industry and more recently in optical and hearing care. Gina is fascinated by human relationships and matchmaking and is perfect for the role as a Membership Adviser, handling our enquiries from people looking for a new partner and guiding them through the joining process, in a very friendly and gentle manner but without any sort of obligation too. 

Alex Rollinson - Membership Adviser

Alex Rollinson

Alex has been a high flyer within our team and has been a Personal Matchmaker, our Matchmaking Team Manager and then a Professional Headhunter, enjoying success within every role she has been involved in. Alex is in her 30's, but has vast experience in helping potential clients understand our service and whether or not it’s for them. She can talk you through the various membership packages we have and tailor something that meets your budget exactly.

Liz Brown - Membership Adviser

Liz Brown

Liz is very experienced within the dating marketplace and takes a totally professional approach to her role as a Membership Adviser. She is intelligent, attractive, smart, personable and very caring. She understands totally how important this is to our clients, particularly as online dating declines in popularity and puts her heart and soul into producing the best in terms of profiles, so our team can quickly and efficiently search for that ideal partner for you.